September 01 2015, 0 Comments

As a physio, I have always been drawn down the pilates route as it’s great for preventing injuries and to incorporate into rehab programmes, by targeting specific muscles and working on postural alignment.

In the past year, however I have found a new love for yoga and an appreciation for how great it can make you feel, not to mention its numerous health benefits (cheering you up & relieving stress, affecting your cardiovascular, respiratory & nervous system, as well as rapidly improving strength, balance, flexibility etc,etc….).

The competitive side of me is constantly striving to achieve a freestanding handstand (I know, not very yoga!) but I also love the way even the ‘easier’ asanas can be so challenging it’s almost frustrating.

I’m definitely not giving up on pilates by any stretch (excuse the pun) but can’t wait to bring some yoga-inspired ideas into my treatments and classes and am so excited to have just completed my 200hr RYT Yoga teacher training in Dubai!

Fad workouts come and go but the fact that yoga has been knocking around for several thousands of years must prove something, so grab a mat (and maybe a DeQi hamam towel!) and hit your nearest yoga studio.

 Have fun!