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Welcome to the first DeQi Designs blog!

As everyone told us, starting a small family business really does take time.  What with the day jobs, the arrival of our first child, house-moves, attending local trade markets, holidays and (still!) getting to grips with the all-important and bewildering plethora of online media and jargon, getting going took us much more time than we anticipated!  But now the website is up and running, it is fun to look back on the mini-adventure we have had up until this point…


So, where does the name DeQi Designs come from?  Taken literally, DeQi (pronounced “day-chee”) is the tingling/ positive energy-flow sensation emanating from acupuncture treatment.  We liked the enunciation and written form of “DeQi” and hope that our product range and brand will engender a relaxed, comforting and feel-good vibe!

Establishing our suppliers has been hard work, but a fun experience.  I am extremely fussy when it comes to cashmere, so sourcing a premium supplier for our cashmere baby blankets took time, but we got there in the end!  Building a relationship with the suppliers of our hand-loomed peshtamel towels and DeQi Home range proved a good excuse for some welcome trips abroad and the result is some beautiful ranges from classic neutral colours to more vibrant and brighter styles.

Throughout the process, we have realised that our IT skills need work!  Frustrations at our ineptitude with – broadly labelled – “tech” have, at times, driven us to distraction!  However, with the tremendous help of Sebastian and his team at, we have designed a website we hope you will find uplifting, fresh and extremely easy to use.  The fact that we have started the “DeQi Designs SEO campaign” still makes us smile with a mixture of satisfaction, hope and slight bewilderment!  

We very much hope that you have enjoyed our first blog and, in particular, that you enjoy browsing our website –  We also hope that you like our wonderful and versatile product range and that one or two items make their way in to your holiday suitcase this summer and/ or provide a perfect Christening gift or present for a friend’s new baby!

If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via the website –

Best wishes,