Cashmere Scarves and Baby Blankets by Deqi Designs

Style November 19 2017, 0 Comments

So excited that our cashmere baby blankets were featured in The Sunday Times Style Magazine's luxury gift guide!!

Well, Christmas is only 5 weeks away.....

Autumn October 01 2015, 0 Comments

 Whilst I never allow myself to complain about the glorious sunshine we endlessly enjoy in the Middle East, one of the things I miss the most about the UK is the seasonal changes.

October, to me, welcomes the start of Autumn, but basking in a beige landscape at a constant 35 degrees, means I am forced only to imagine the gorgeous changes happening back home in the English countryside (sigh…! I know, I won’t be getting much sympathy!).

In addition to yearning for the start of a new season, I miss all the other things it brings: family walks around Westonbirt Arboretum, warming comfort food, cosy nights in with glowing log fires and - most importantly - digging out my winter wardrobe and indulging in my love for luxury knitwear!

I especially love my lightweight cashmere tops (think Joseph, Crumpet, J Crew….), which finished off with an over-sized cashmere scarf and cropped jacket is the ultimate inbetween season outfit.

Yoga Buzz September 01 2015, 0 Comments

As a physio, I have always been drawn down the pilates route as it’s great for preventing injuries and to incorporate into rehab programmes, by targeting specific muscles and working on postural alignment.

In the past year, however I have found a new love for yoga and an appreciation for how great it can make you feel, not to mention its numerous health benefits (cheering you up & relieving stress, affecting your cardiovascular, respiratory & nervous system, as well as rapidly improving strength, balance, flexibility etc,etc….).

The competitive side of me is constantly striving to achieve a freestanding handstand (I know, not very yoga!) but I also love the way even the ‘easier’ asanas can be so challenging it’s almost frustrating.

I’m definitely not giving up on pilates by any stretch (excuse the pun) but can’t wait to bring some yoga-inspired ideas into my treatments and classes and am so excited to have just completed my 200hr RYT Yoga teacher training in Dubai!

Fad workouts come and go but the fact that yoga has been knocking around for several thousands of years must prove something, so grab a mat (and maybe a DeQi hamam towel!) and hit your nearest yoga studio.

 Have fun!






Valentine's Day gift inspiration..... February 04 2015, 0 Comments

If you're stuck for ideas for Valentine's Day gifts, take a look at my Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Always helps to drop a few hints too.....


Also check out for a chance to win £250 worth of DeQi cashmere goodies!

Lace November 18 2014, 0 Comments

Lace is timeless, so get your hands our fabulous new organic cashmere and Chantilly lace scarves! These unique shawls have been handwoven by the skilled craftsmen in Kashmir, from the finest pashmina with stunning French lace…

Take a look at our Pinterest board for some lace inspiration...


Indian Summer September 24 2014, 0 Comments


This year, our summer travels took us to the truly magical state of Rajasthan in North West India.

We set off with great excitement and - accompanied by an energetic one year old - a certain amount of trepidation!

In no time, we were mesmerized by the colors, smells, noises and unrelenting bustle Delhi has to offer!  Old and New City alike, we immediately fell in love with the place.

From Delhi, we journeyed in to Rajasthan by Spice Jet and took in the sights by rickshaw, train, tuk-tuk and elephant; all justified by a wonderful business meeting with our organic cashmere manufacturers from Kashmir.

Although slightly delayed by the devastating flooding, the hand weaving of our bespoke cashmere and lace designs should be with us shortly and in plenty of time for Christmas!

We hope you enjoy your Indian Summer...


Packing Essentials July 22 2014, 0 Comments

Packing Essentials!


On finally sitting down in departures after the often laborious check-in process, have you ever had that “aaarrrgh!” moment of realisation that something crucial to you has been forgotten?

 Having been fortunate enough to travel a lot over the last few years – and in order to avoid those “aaaarrrgh!”moments, I take comfort in knowing exactly what I need to throw in my hand luggage at the last minute, including must have items and comforting treats.

 As the summer holidays are in full swing, I thought it would be fun to create a Pinterest board to share my - and hopefully inspire your - packing essentials!

 Whether it a short business trip, a family holiday or a romantic weekend getaway, there are certain items that space just needs to be made for!

 Here are just a few of the suggestions for you to consider (click on the pinterest sign at the bottom of the page to view the full board):


  • Kindle & Case: I always have my kindle close at hand so this gorgeous Kate Spade leather cover is a stylish way to enjoy and look after it.


  • Lip-Balm: This minty, miracle balm from Crème de la Mer smooths and softens your lips - perfect for a summer or winter destination.


  • Cashmere Socks: Very spoiling but it has become an indulgent habit of mine to keep a pair of cashmere socks in my hand luggage- I always seem to get more sleep on the plane because of it…


  • Hammam Towel: My most versatile travelling companion has to be a Turkish Hamam Towel - throw it over you on the plane, wear it as a scarf, great for the beach - the list goes on!


  • Sunglasses: I love my Tiffany sunglasses to help add a bit of glamour to the journey (and anything that can help to hide dark circles at the end of a long flight with a one year old is welcome!)


I hope I have given you an idea or two. Enjoy!

 PS Don’t forget your passport!



“Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  (Mark Twain).

Yesterday (Friday) morning was one of those mornings.  The type any boating-lover living in this wonderful and sometimes under-estimated Kingdom longs for every Friday and Saturday, especially with well-travelled guests visiting from the Emirate of Everything: Dubai!

Windfinder - - provided confidence, even to the more modest single-engined boat owner, that the journey from the Kingdom’s mainland to its most welcome Caribbean-esque retreat would be a total joy.

Armed with hamper and some enriched refreshment, off we set!


This was Bahrain at its best: quiet and understated to start with and soon bustling with a vibrant yet modest hum akin to that one would perhaps expect in Kew Gardens or Richmond Park on a warm August Saturday, only replace the grass for sand! 

Up and running! May 01 2014, 0 Comments
Welcome to the first DeQi Designs blog!

As everyone told us, starting a small family business really does take time.  What with the day jobs, the arrival of our first child, house-moves, attending local trade markets, holidays and (still!) getting to grips with the all-important and bewildering plethora of online media and jargon, getting going took us much more time than we anticipated!  But now the website is up and running, it is fun to look back on the mini-adventure we have had up until this point…


So, where does the name DeQi Designs come from?  Taken literally, DeQi (pronounced “day-chee”) is the tingling/ positive energy-flow sensation emanating from acupuncture treatment.  We liked the enunciation and written form of “DeQi” and hope that our product range and brand will engender a relaxed, comforting and feel-good vibe!

Establishing our suppliers has been hard work, but a fun experience.  I am extremely fussy when it comes to cashmere, so sourcing a premium supplier for our cashmere baby blankets took time, but we got there in the end!  Building a relationship with the suppliers of our hand-loomed peshtamel towels and DeQi Home range proved a good excuse for some welcome trips abroad and the result is some beautiful ranges from classic neutral colours to more vibrant and brighter styles.

Throughout the process, we have realised that our IT skills need work!  Frustrations at our ineptitude with – broadly labelled – “tech” have, at times, driven us to distraction!  However, with the tremendous help of Sebastian and his team at, we have designed a website we hope you will find uplifting, fresh and extremely easy to use.  The fact that we have started the “DeQi Designs SEO campaign” still makes us smile with a mixture of satisfaction, hope and slight bewilderment!  

We very much hope that you have enjoyed our first blog and, in particular, that you enjoy browsing our website –  We also hope that you like our wonderful and versatile product range and that one or two items make their way in to your holiday suitcase this summer and/ or provide a perfect Christening gift or present for a friend’s new baby!

If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via the website –

Best wishes,